July 4, 2018
19 days since
our celebration.
                         ... we want you to join us at the 2018 King Family Reunion

Please bring all the King's you can round up and join us! We want to meet you and your family, hear your stories, and see your family photos. Please spread the word so as many King's as possible join us. We are scattered all over the globe, busy with everyday lives, but for one fun-filled day we want to set all that aside and reunite in Clemmons, NC.

​A page in our family history started in Horsepasture, VA (see photo) on Leatherwood Plantation, when Joseph Wallace King and Annie Gordon Staples gave birth to thirteen children. The family bible is where births, deaths, and marriages were recorded. Sadly their family bible burned during an estate fire. The family then migrated to Forsyth and Guilford Counties in North Carolina.
​This is just a small part of our family's history, we need you to help us fill in the gaps and looking forward to hearing all the stories!
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